Project Start Date:  14-Jan-2007
All images Copyright 2007 by Jeffrey L. Cooper.  Contact me here.

The idea behind this website is nothing new.  I saw the idea on the web on Flickr, and that likely derived from Photojojo, and perhaps that derived from someone else.  It's hard to even think the idea is new, though certainly it's popularity has increases with digital cameras, and even more recently, decent cell phone cameras.

My purpose for doing this is to improve my photography, more than just documenting my life.  Any documenting of my life will come more from the fact that doing this project will change my routine, and that change will get documented.

Through the daily challenge of finding yet another picture to take, I hope to challenge the way I see the world.  I want to visualize things different.  I have only recently joined Flickr, and been amazed at the creativity in other people's photographs.  And, yes, I do take good photographs, but I do this through sheer volume of photos- getting lucky often enough.  I want to be able to take any scene and create something magical from it.  That is the goal of Picture365*.

There are a few rules I will follow:
1.  The image must be a photograph.  It cannot be a collage or composite image.
2.  The image may be adjusted- but only brightness & contrast, white balance, and sharpening allowed.
3.  For each day, the image MUST be taken on that day, between midnight and midnight in whatever time zone I happen to be in.
4.  Only one image may be posted for each day.
5.  Images may be summed together to simulate longer exposures (such as that not possible with a digital camera).
6.  Images may be focus-stacked to simulate better depth-of-field capability (such as that not possible with a digital camera).

I will post an image for each day, however, I may not post every day.  Rather, if I am busy or traveling, I may have to collect images over several days, or in the case of an extended business trip or vacation, it could be 1-2 weeks.  However, I will post them when I return home and account for each and every day.

Initially, the format of this site will change until I find one that can easily accommodate 365 images in a user-friendly format.  Stay tuned.

This project was started on January 14, 2007, and will end on January 13, 2008. Productions Websites