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Well, this is it- my last 365 photo for a while. And I'm closing with one of my best shots ever, at least best conceived shots ever. This was an iteration on an idea- I had photographed a circle of these pencils arrange in spectral order. While falling asleep one night, I kept iterating on different shapes to put the pencil in when I suddenly awoke fully with this concept- a take on Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon. I couldn't wait, but had to until the next day. I took a prism I had and placed it on a black backrop, then arranged the elements. Overall, the shot was actually quite easy- the concept was just the result of a random shuffling of ideas. Silly ideas, but they coalesced into this one, and sometimes that's what it takes to take a really creative shot. With that, I sign off from Picture365 for at least a year- I need a break. I will take pictures and try to continue to be creative, but I am going to focus on my SirSnapALot blog more and work and home projects keep me very busy as well. It has been fun- thanks for coming along for the ride, and sorry it took my until May to post the last picture in December. I got way behind- and I had some really good ones there. I was just slow in putting them up, and didn't want to put them all up at once after the fact.

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